Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Watch out, Picasso.

Betsy drew these people yesterday afternoon. The top one is "a guy" and the bottom one is "a mommy". You can tell that the mommy is a female because of her sticking up hair.

She has drawn faces occasionally before but this is the first time she has drawn an actual person. It was kind of surprising, actually: it was like she just got it. Betsy spent the rest of the afternoon filling her paper with heads and disembodied legs but these were definitely the most recognizable.

I was pretty impressed. Posted by Picasa

6 witty remarks on "Watch out, Picasso."

8kids4me said...

hmmm looks like she's going to give her Aunty Catherine a run for the money!!

Susan on 11:42 PM said...

Maybe someday she will be published like her mommy!

fatty mcslowslow said...

Check out the artwork!
Soon your refrigerator
Will need more magnets.

Yeahtherine said...

Betsy! Hey, Betsy! Ask Mama reallll nice if she'll let you play with markers! oooOOO

Joni on 5:03 PM said...

cath... do I LOOK stupid?!

themacmomma on 8:01 PM said...

These are so funny!
It's such a 'moment' when they start drawing people!


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