Friday, June 9, 2006


Oh yes, we do indeed have siding on our house. Matt went and saw it yesterday, but I had to go by today and see it for myself. It looks like a real house, doesn't it?! (It also looks crooked, but that's the fault of the camera, don't worry.)

The color is called 'Pebblestone Clay' which I guess is a classy was of saying 'brown.' I noticed that most of the houses around us are almond, pale gray, pale yellow... I wanted something that really stands out. Actually, I think that scrapbooking has changed the way I look at colors. I prefer really bold colors and contrast now. Also, I think I prefer symmetry and balance overall, so I love the elevation of our house (it's all rectangles). With black shutters and white trim (you can see where it goes but it's not all painted yet), I think it will look really nice.

5 witty remarks on "ExSIDING !"

Cath said...

It's pretty and looks like a dessert.

8kids4me said...

It is looking like a real house!!!! I would be pretty ex-sided too. Why is there no siding under the windows?

J.D. Hoosier said...

Interesting how you blame the photography. The architect responsible for the Perfectly Upright Tower of Pisa tried to blame its commissioned painter, Luigi the Gimp. It turned out, however, that Luigi had farmed it out to his bipedally symmetrical apprentice, who was subsequently barred from the guild for his hyper-realist style and died of the "French disease", a broken man, at the age of 22.

fatty mcslowslow said...

Hey, j.d. hoosier, isn't the "JD" part still about three years in the future????

J.D. Hoosier said...

It's only a nom de plume. In fact, it's pronounced "who-zee-AY", and in certain circles you will be snickered at if you pronounce it differently.
In any event, "Indiana University-Bloomington: J.D. anticipated 2009" is a perfectly acceptable resume entry.
So neener.


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