Thursday, June 1, 2006


So, I went by the new house after Target and McDonalds and before the library. (Porter likes french fries!) We had been told that drywall would be starting this week. Who would think I would be so excited over such an inherently dull substance? (What's next: Hooray for Spackle?!) From what I could see, they had most or all of the boards nailed up, and they were working on the mudding and taping. I took a few pictures while the kids waited in the car.

2 witty remarks on "Drywall!"

Carrie Ferrier said...

Building is exciting.
We built once - only to move again in 4 years - hope to build again in a few years. Have fun with it!
It's a HUGE undertaking, but a huge privilege too!

8kids4me said...

The kitchen is really looking nice, can't wait to see it all finished!!


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