Thursday, June 1, 2006

This is a blog about a tree.

Betsy has been making up little songs lately. My favorite part is that she sometimes acts as her own DJ. "This is a song about a tree. Tree tree, tree tree, tree tree." Then she will sing a song about flowers, rocks, sticks, and when she runs out of parts of nature she moves on to everyday household items. I think she sang a song about her sippy cup this evening.

She's called it a 'drinkcup' since she was about 2. I've actually kind of forgotten that that's not the actual term for it.

Watching 'The Office' on NBC tonight and they showed the 'fitness orb' bit again. Soooooo funny. I (heart) that show. I wish I was a volunteer sheriff on the weekends.

I did manage to squeeze in some actual scrapbooking tonight. Here is what I got done. This is from an Easter egg hunt we went to - I had thought to do a cute Easter page, you know, pastel colors, fluffy bunnies, but all the photos turned out kind of... full of personality.

2 witty remarks on "This is a blog about a tree."

Fatty McSlowSlow on 3:32 PM said...

Somebody's looking more and more like her Aunt Molly...

J.D. Hoosier said...

Here's a little tip from everyone's favorite uncle: The sooner the young diva learns Particle Man by They Might Be Giants, the better. The lyrical structure of that song is so flexible that one can adapt it to almost anything. A certain songsmith has been known to spin versions about Shirtless Guy and a lawnmower in the last week alone, to the delight of his fair bride.


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