Thursday, June 15, 2006

Right on target

Red bullseye beckons
Like siren song to housewife
Good thing it's payday.
Household goods and toys,
Snacks and designer clothing,
Reasonably priced.
Girl doesn't even
know letters of alphabet
But she knows bullseye.
Despite shopping list
I always end up spending
way too much money.

8 witty remarks on "Right on target"

Eran of Arcadia said...

I really like your
way of describing
your trip to Target.

Eran of Arcadia said...

Oops I forgot that
haikus have seven not five
syllables Line Two.

Tracey on 8:00 PM said...

I also like it
I think it's right on Target
(Isn't that silly?)

Ha - haven't written haiku's since grade school! ;)

fatty mcslowslow on 10:03 PM said...

You guys are crazy.
I can't believe that you are
Posting in haiku.

8kids4me said...

Y'all are so silly.
I think I may take a nap
or visit with Trish.

fatty mcslowslow said...

In second haiku
Need to add one syllable
To give you seven.

Joni on 8:51 PM said...

Father says "It's just
Chemical engineering."
He thinks he's so smart.

;-) happy father's day!

J.D. Hoosier said...

Haiku is all you seem to see these days;
Blank verse is so much classier, I think.

oR post
$illi nEss


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