Thursday, June 22, 2006

Holy cow, I'm being published!

As Susan alluded to in the last post (wink!) I am going to be published! For those not currently addicted to scrapbooking... the scrapbooking magazines print a lot of reader submissions, but there are a LOT of scrapbookers out there. So it can be really hard to get published. I set a goal for myself for 2006 that I would submit like crazy, and if none of my pages were picked up by the end of the year I would quit. (Submitting, that is - I could never quit scrapbooking!) I did get accepted to be on a design team (which I love) but so far, I haven't had a nibble from any of the magazines.

So last night, I decided to check my Hotmail account one more time before I went to bed, and there it was in my inbox: a message from Angie Lucas, managing editor of Simple Scrapbooks magazine. They want my "I Feel Pretty" layout for their November/December issue! I think I submitted it for "Write from the Heart originally; it's going to be in the Reader Gallery section. In case you haven't seen the layout (I had to take it down from my online gallery)... it's one I did back in Jan. or Feb. with a self portrait of mine... the same picture that's on my blog, actually! I used Chatterbox paper (who would have guessed?!) and wrote about how I have come to have self-confidence and think of myself as pretty. One of my favorite pages I've done all year, actually! I was so excited, I started squealing and dragged Matt out of the bathroom to come and read my email.

I think it's kind of funny that out of all the pages I've done about my kids, it's a totally Joni-centric page that actually gets picked up for publication. Oh - and a shout-out to Emily, who I mentioned in the journaling because of the free haircuts she gives me. Thanks, Em!

3 witty remarks on "Holy cow, I'm being published!"

cheryl mezzetti on 6:27 PM said...

Huge Congratulations Joni. I have to say i am NOT surprised. Keep on submitting girl.


themacmomma on 8:03 PM said...

Love that you are blogging!
Love that your page got picked up!
SOOOOOOOOO exciting!

susan opel on 1:38 PM said...

I say Joni-centric pages ROCK - especially Chatterbox ones!


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