Monday, May 5, 2008

What little I actually accomplished

I swore I was going to scrap on Saturday - being National Scrapbook Day and all - and I did. Behold the one layout I actually completed.

The stamps - clock and quote - came in my box from Scrapbook Trends that I got Thursday - it was fun to have something new to play with on NSD. I also got the baby announcements done, which is impressive until you consider that I actually only made one and scanned it.

I probably would have gotten more done, except that I spent the better part of the afternoon holding Amy to my chest while she slept. In my defense, she was making those little sleeping-baby noises so what was I supposed to do? And I swear I can see her getting bigger. She's not visibly longer, but she's definitely fatter. The snaps on her newborn onesies (Note to Blogger spellchecker: No, I do not mean onuses. Although I suppose those are uncomfortable too) are actually getting a little hard to fasten. This afternoon I went through the 9,261 boxes of baby clothes and got out all of the 0-3 month clothes, and she has a lot. (And while I was at it, I put away all of my maternity clothes. Woo hoo! I am so done with elastic waist pants. For now.)

Amy turns one month on Friday. (And speaking of birthdays, jdhoosier - my dorky older brother and the father of the extremely adorable Miles - turns thirty tomorrow. Happy birthday and good luck with exams!) I think that the milestone I'm looking forward to the most - more so than non-liquid poops and sleeping through the night - is her first smile. It's got to be right around the corner. Newborns are so incredibly selfish and that first gummy grin is a great moment, a tiny acknowledgement of the huge amount of effort I've put myself to on her behalf. (But we're still not buying you a pony, Cutie Pie.)

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Catherine on 7:04 PM said...

Upholding the fine Lynn offspring tradition of looking annoyed in photographs, Pie is looking like she really wants a pony.

Wait till you're a little older, Pie, and your spine is less floppy.

katorigasuki on 8:08 PM said...

jdhoosier turns thirty
Five months before me
stay away old age, for now

jdhoosier said...

The thing is, Cath, the Embellisher probably already has offered to buy Pi a pony. And though the present value of a pony in a few years undoubtedly exceeds the cost of sleeping for a few hours now, Pi rejected the deal.

Behavioral economists call this phenomenon "hyperbolic discounting," which is why you aren't dating one.

525's crew dog said...

Yes, floppy sines cn really be a drawback for most of life's best activities, especially riding your pretty pony. however, if have any plans of being a low-mid level officer in the army, then a flexible spine, or better, none at all, certainly has its advantages. or if you just really wanna gross mommy out by bending completely in half...backwards!

molly said...



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