Thursday, May 22, 2008

Nothing special

Matt is in Utah right now. He flew out yesterday for another interview with the same company that saw him back at the beginning of April. He actually gets to stay overnight this time, because I am not about to give birth, but rather have given birth. (In fact, my six week checkup is tomorrow. This is a big deal because I am the last one on COBRA and after the six week thing, I can switch to the much cheaper plan that the rest of the family is on.) Matt called me from his parents' house last night and told me that his brother was bringing some Wingers for dinner. Matt loves Wingers so regardless of how the interview goes, I think we can say the trip was a success.

Everyone in the family is sick right now. I have a killer sore throat, and Betsy is going to have to miss school (which means she has only three days left). It stinks.

We met with a couple of realtors this week - since we have been toying with the idea of relocation pretty much ever since Matt got laid off, we thought it would be a good idea to find out if we can at least break even. (We built this house less than two years ago, so there's not much in the way of equity... and we keep hearing how housing prices are down and it's a buyer's market and you'd be nuts to sell your house right now, bwahahaaa.) Anyway, it turns out that we are in better shape than we thought. Actually I got a call from one of the realtors while he was doing the market analysis.
Realtor: "I need to confirm some things with you, I have some conflicting information."
Joni: "Okay."
Realtor: "Your house doesn't have a basement, does it?"
Joni: "No, it has a basement." (Thinking: I sure hope it does because the kids are playing down there right now.)
Realtor: "But I'm also seeing that you only paid $XXX,000 for your house."
Joni: "Yes, that's right."
Realtor: "Oh." (pause) "You got a really good deal on your house, didn't you?"
So, learning that it might actually be possible to walk away with some money in hand slightly eases the sting if we do have to sell the house, and makes me glad once again that we built it when we did. Obviously we are still hoping to stay, though.

The neighborhood swimming pool opens this weekend. However, it was all of sixty degrees yesterday. I wonder who's going to go swimming if it doesn't get warmer - polar bears, maybe?

3 witty remarks on "Nothing special"

Auntie Emmy said...

It was certainly warmer than 60 degrees here yesterday...and it's even warmer today! I broke out into a sweat as soon as I stepped outside.

Gavin looks MIGHTY cute in his jailbird outfit that you sent me. He, as it turns out, looks rad in orange. I'll email you a pic.

molly said...

If laura r reads this, 60 is not warm enough.
And good luck joni.

(suwch: A deformed sandwich)

Fatty McSlowslow said...

Good luck. See you in about 10 days..


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