Thursday, May 29, 2008

she's Fifty!

Anyone remember the Sally O'Malley character that Molly Shannon used to do on SNL? "I'm fifty!" All I could find on Youtube was imitations of it but you get the idea. Anyway, Little Miss Amy Lou is exactly fifty days old right now; I realized it when I was up at some unearthly hour this morning. No, I am not so obsessed that I've been counting the days but she was seven weeks yesterday, and 49 + 1 = 50. (And, truth be told I only know she's seven weeks because I went to the doctor last Friday.)

The point being, 50 is a nice round number, and Amy is a nice round baby.


I will say, Amy doesn't smile a whole lot for being almost 2 whole months old. And she's still not giving me that one blessed 4-hour shift at night. I suspect that she's just a teensy bit more high maintenance than my other babies but maybe my memory is skewed. I've definitely been lucky with the easy babies, no colic or reflux or weird allergies or the like (toddlers are another matter but let's not even go there).

On the other hand, I am becoming a lot more laissez-faire about the whole thing. Like, when I had Betsy (and even with Porter, to a lesser extent) I was all "no bottles! no pacis!" but with Amy, by the second 24 hours of her nursing every freaking forty-five minutes, I was practically begging the nurses to take her and give her an ounce or two or 45 of formula. I told them I don't care if they give her hot wings and beer, I just can't take constant feeding. I mean, not that I am any less dedicated to nursing Amy than I was with the others but a lot less paranoid about supply issues and the dreaded "confusion" (which I think is a myth anyway) and I also let her sleep in our bed probably one night out of three, not on purpose but because I fall asleep feeding her. It's kind of nice, this whole actually knowing what you are doing.

Betsy had her end-of-the-year school picnic and I finally got to meet some of the moms of her classmates. It's funny, I'm going to have to get used to being addressed as "Betsy's mom." Here is Betsy with her absolutely wonderful teacher Mrs. Kirkendall.
Can you see, from the photo, what a nice gorgeous sunny day it's been? Still not hot enough to go to the pool but just right for a walk around the neighborhood after dinner.

3 witty remarks on "she's Fifty!"

Amy Nabors on 7:25 PM said...

wow she's really growing! don't you love chubby babies? :) hope she starts sleeping a bit better soon for you.

molly said...

amy is even fatter in PERSON!!! it sounds like she eats a lot, which, in the grand sceme of things, its better that starving her.

(And joni, at least you dont have 3 screaming toddlers.)

Auntie Em said...

wow....amy is FAT! I mean...PHAT! seems to me that you are doing something right, since she's so huge!

man..I had to type everything about 10 times, since gavin is sitting on my lap, oh so helpfully typing with me, and throwing his head backwards into my collar bone. Ouch.

zncwfgu: the word gavin uses when he performs magic.


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