Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Where's Norm Abrams when you need him?

Some of our baseboard trim is pulling away from the wall. Any idea how to fix it? I tried pounding in some finish/trim nails but that didn't work; do I need to be using a nail gun? And is the world really safe if I have a nail gun in my hand? (starts humming 'Do It Again'... no, there is no situation where a Steely Dan song does not apply)

Anyway, we've started the big push to get our house presentable. I've been spackling and sanding and priming and I'm going to go down to Lowes tomorrow after Betsy's school picnic and get a whole lot of paint. I just got done cleaning the fronts of the kitchen cabinets. It's funny, you don't realize how dirty things can get in less than 2 years. Like the doors... holy cow, our doors were filthy. Of course, the downside to removing all of the Stealth Dirt is that you get absolutely zero sense of accomplishment, because who really cares if the doors are clean or not? But still, I think that if we are still in this house a year from now we will make washing all the baseboards and trim and stuff an annual chore.

And holy cow, you would not believe the amount of crayon on Porter's wall!

Aside from all the spackling (Isn't 'spackle' a fun word? Spackle spackle spackle) here is what else I have gotten done recently.

I've gotten faster at scrapbooking lately; I'm trying not to spend so much time agonizing over the placement of one tiny brad and the result is that I can actually get 2 or 3 layouts done in an evening if I really want to. 'Piggies' was a really hard one to finish; I agonized over it for a while and in the end I just decided to put everything on the page and call it a day. I still think it needs something more but if I figure out what that is, great, and if not it's still a completed scrapbook page. I'm sure not going to lie awake worrying about it. Mainly because I already have Amy to keep me up at night, and why mess with perfection?

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fatty mcslowslow said...

You don't need a nail gun.
You need a finishing nail long enough to go through the baseboard and the drywall and embed itself reasonably deeply in the stud behind it, and you need to actually find the stud. A nail that goes through the drywall into the cavity between studs avails you naught. (They sell gadgets called, get this, stud finders.) So if the drywall is 1/2" and the trim piece is 1/2", you'll need a finishing nail that's like 1 3/4" long, driven into the stud.

Joni on 5:26 PM said...

But how do you get the nail head not to stick up, taunting me like a Whack-a-Mole game? That's what I'm trying to figure out.

Catherine on 5:50 PM said...

Actually, I probably would believe how much crayon was on Porter's wall.

Also, I simply cannot get over the look on Gavin's face. The other ones are looking vaguely around making faces appropriate to their ages and genders, but Gavin seems to be debating in his mind whether he can grab the camera from where he's sitting and, if so, whether he can turn it into something useful, like a chewtoy or a an official Red Ryder carbine action two-hundred shot range model air rifle with a compass in the stock and this thing that tells time.

mom said...

Finishing nails don't really have heads, they go in a bit deep into the wood(you use a nail set to help that along), then you, get this...spackle the hole that's left.

irvtmbra: dyslexic spinal column

Disney Scrapper on 12:33 AM said...

Well this explains why we haven't seen you on the new scrap etc board.

joni said...

Is the board up and running, now? I will have to check it out, I've missed you guys!

Auntie Em said...

Cath...I love you...Gavin is always trying to figure new things out....he's crazy. Get this...he's CRUISING now! He can also go between the coffee table and the couch, too! AND he taught himself how to go from crawing to sitting...nope...he didnt want any help from mommy..that would be the EASY way to do things.

I'm sure you can figure out what to do with those baseboards, since you are so handy and all.

The scrapbook pages are BEAUTIFUL. Where are the ones with an updated picture of Amy????

molly said...

there goes my father; about nails and big, fancy stuff.

(and i liked your pages, but wheres the goth? wheres the picture in her hand of what her tattoo is gonna look like? wheres her inner punk?)


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