Wednesday, April 30, 2008


1. I have three kids
2. Cutie Pie is three weeks old today
3. Porter turned three on Sunday

We had macaroni and cheese for dinner, which seems to be Porter's favorite, but only to the extent that he will actually eat some. (I swear, I don't know how my son is even still alive, let alone so sturdy and energetic. He doesn't eat anything.)
Anyway, Porter's gifts from us were: a Curious George coloring book; two dinosaur T-shirts (Matt: "You got him clothes?" Porter, immediately upon unwrapping: "Can I wear it?" Joni: "See? I do know my kid!"); a Word World dump truck (he loooves Word World), and some Pixar figurines, which he's unwrapping in the photo above. He also got some dinosaurs, books, and cars. So basically, everything a 3-year-old boy could hope for. He folded his arms like it was a prayer when we were singing the birthday song - I'm not sure why he did that but it was really cute.

As a nice bonus on Monday, we got to see my grandparents (Graypa's mommy and daddy, is how we explained it to the kids) for a few hours in the evening. They stopped in on their way through to Cincinnati to visit relatives, since we are right on the way and have a cute new baby to boot. We hadn't seen them since Emily's wedding almost 2 years ago, so for my kids it was like getting some brand new relatives. And the general consensus was, "where have you been hiding Great-grandma and Great-grandpa all our lives?" My kids LOVED them.
I think that the feeling was mutual.

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mom said...

YAY for great grandparents! YAY for being 3! Tell Porter Grammie loves him even if she is in a different place and didn't send a present(we will bring one when we come at the end of May).

katorigasuki on 8:52 PM said...

happy birthday (belated) to Porter!

qdquaar = a specific dinosaur given to Porter on his birthday.

Fatty McSlowSlow said...

Great pix. Porter is certainly a sturdy little dude.

Mom and Dad are doing more travelling than I thought. Given that, will you be inviting them out for QT 3.14159's blessing a month hence?

Emily said... looks a lot like grandpa!

Happy Belated Birthday Porter! I meant to call Sunday..I really did. I just got busy!

Catherine on 6:57 PM said...

Wow, Grandpa could be Dad, right down to the very blue blue jeans and the short pocket full of toys, especially as he's drooling over a little terrycloth-wrapped bologna loaf.

Oh, Joni. I'd say to tell Porter his Aunt Catherine says "hi and congratulations on your parents keeping you alive this long, that must have been so hard for you," but since he'll have no earthly idea who Aunt Catherine is, just give him this kid-friendly message:

What's the difference between cake and breakfast? Yeah, I don't know either.


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