Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cute as a button

This Silly Song no longer applies to Amy:

I was getting her ready for her little sponge bath last night (gotta wipe the puke off before church, ya know) and something about her seemed different. It actually took me a moment to realize that her cord stump had fallen off. I found the nasty, shriveled-up thing in the kitchen sink; it had apparently gotten knocked loose while Matt was undressing her.

So, we changed gears a little and have a real bath instead of a mere dabbing of flailing arms and limbs. And to my surprise, she loved it. (Betsy and Porter both screamed bloody murder during their first tub baths, although they love bath time now. In fact, I've had to stop Porter from taking a bath in his clothes. More than once, even.) She was laying in the little baby tub naked and ticked off, and as soon as she felt the warm water on her little body, she got really calm. I guess you can't underestimate the power of a nice warm bath. She even didn't hate having her hair washed (which seems to be a universally loathed experience) but she sure was ticked when I got her out.

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Laura said...

I can see how not having a belly button can be very emotional. And Amy likes bathing? I would to if I had puke on me. ;P

Kcdif: A mud mask for snooty rich people.

molly said...

Jonie!!! Are you calling your child a "shriveled-up-thing-in-the-kitchen-sink?"

(fjeeeo:sounds like a dog name, like:
" Fjeeeo!, Fjeeeo!, c'mere Fjeeeo!"

Catherine on 1:41 AM said...

Babies are often ticked when you take them out. You'll find this a recurring experience, especially as you continue fecund, if you'll pardon the indelicacy.

Also, finding your baby's desiccated umbilical attachment sticking to the sink tops my list of disgusting things I've heard today, but only just.

Laura M on 9:51 AM said...

I'm glad Cutiepie no longer has to feel the sadness of not having a belly button. I didn't know that Veggie Tales had their own boyband! Does anyone else feel that they all have their own little resemblances to the Backstreet Boys? The one with no belley saw that facial hair and the sunglasses. Could he look anymore like AJ!!?

Junior Asparagus said...

word up!

Molly said...

OH,OH! I have a belly button! Does that make ME special??!!

(eotss:It sounds like a star wars name.)

susan opel on 4:57 PM said...

Aww that beautiful, gifted talented child - a direct product from her amazing mommy!

trailer park brother said...

so this belly button procedure...might i have to go to dr. nick (hi every-body!) to get one?i have always wanted a second one, just on case something happens to the one i already have.


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