Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Only happy stuff in this post!

My last couple of entries have been kind of negative, what with all the stuff happening. But there is still plenty to be happy about, so I now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

Matt and the kids finally went to the Childrens Museum yesterday. (I stayed home because I had a couple of tuoring sessions. Oh yeah, and I needed a nap.) Actually we had a playgroup from church over in the morning and Porter refused to go in the basement with all the other kids, he only wanted to go to the "Childrens Buseum." So. They finally went after lunch and saw the long-awaited Curious George exhibit.

Porter really enjoyed the hat. He's actually wearing it in about half the pictures. I forget the name of the doorman on the show but I think Porter didn't realize that's who it was supposed to be: he probably thought it was a fireman.
This is the point at which most people's kids would be smiling. Not mine, though. But hey, at least the monkey looks happy!
This is my favorite: Betsy as a scientist. The kids got to wear lab coats and goggles and dunk things in a bucket of water to see what would float (which seems more David Letterman than Serious Scientist to me, but who's keeping track) and apparently she really, really liked it. I told her we could do some more floating/sinking today. Yes, my kid is some kind of genius.

We had a crazy storm last night: wind, hail, lightning, you name it. I got to go around saying "What the hail!" which really never gets old. We almost got blown off the road driving home from Betsy's dance lesson. She told me the rain sounded like the noise when we were in the carwash. And at 11 p.m. last night (we were up watching Copying Beethoven, which I thought was just okay) our neighbor got home from work and came over to tell us that our table was in her front yard. I'm pretty impressed because even though our patio furniture is of the really cheap lightweight plastic variety, it had to make to right-angle turns to end up where it did. Now that's some wind.

My belly button hasn't popped to an outie yet but it's getting close. Right now (I know you've been sitting by the computer waiting for an update on my navel) it's flat at the bottom and kind of pulled over at the top. Like it's wearing a hooded sweatshirt. Yes, people, my belly button is the Unabomber.

Even though I'm not buying any scrap stuff right now, I'm getting a kick out of the sneak peeks. Mo's posted a bunch of them here; check out the Crate Paper! It's so gorgeous! And the Cosmo Cricket with the little robot guy... And there's a bunch of new stuff from American Crafts. I am such a sucker for their letters (okay, and the ribbon too). It definitely puts me in the mood to scrap... which is lucky, because I'm having a scrappy getaway this weekend. One of my friends is hosting a weekend crop at the Marriott Suites (which, by the way, have the most comfortable beds ever) so I get to spend Friday night and all of Saturday scrapping my little heart out. I have a lot of unfinished pages so this will be a good kick in the pants to get things done. And the best part is, we had a scrapping night at the church last Friday... so all of my stuff is already packed!

3 witty remarks on "Only happy stuff in this post!"

mom said...

YAY! for happy stuff! I'm glad the kids had fun. We had happy news today, dad called and told me there will be a Bonus this year!! I was so not expecting that.

yhghec:an exclamation said while hiccupping.

Auntie Em said...

Yay for you! The pictures of the guys are reallly cute! I'm glad you had something happy to post about..I was getting depressed. We had horrible weather the other day..not yesterday, but the day before. We lost power for an hour. It sucked.

My belly button looked like how you described when I never fully "popped". Weird.

dlcixtye: a dyslexic's curse

Catherine on 3:08 PM said...

Look at how beautiful Betsy is in that curious george picture. She's sitting all contraposto and she looks just like a Greek statue.

I'm sure you never knew that before: your daughter is comely.


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