Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Gap

Guess whose wobbly tooth fell out last night?

The kids were having their dinner last night and Betsy goes, "MY TOOF! My tooth fell out!" and sure enough, there it was in the palm of her hand. (They were having macaroni & cheese and applesauce for dinner so I don't think the food knocked it out, I think it came out while she was wobbling it. She's been doing that a lot lately.) And then Betsy started doing her bouncing-around-happy-dance which is SO cute, I wish you all could see it. "My tooth fell out! My wobbly tooth fell out!" We called Daddy and then Grammie and then Grandma so she could share the exciting news. I put her tooth in a ziploc baggie so it wouldn't get lost and the tooth fairy had to pry it out of her sleeping hands last night (thank heaven Betsy is a heavy sleeper).

Today Betsy is happy to show off her gappy grin (she looks so much like a BIG KID it's scaring me), except of course when the camera is around. Have I ever mentioned that getting a good photo of my kids is like pulling teeth?

6 witty remarks on "The Gap"

Fatty McSlowslow said...

Hooray, Miss Betsy!
One down and nineteen to go!
You're getting so big!

grammie said...

YAY!!!! Betsy, you are getting to be soooo big! What a wonderful gap you have, soon there will be many more.

Love from Grammie

hoosiermommy said...

big toothy gaps = big toothy kids!

yay, Betsy!

Auntie Em said...

Yay for Betsy! Congratulations on your first tooth loss! Your a big kid now!

Joni, she cant grow up yet. She's supposed to still be a toddler! Make her stop!

jdhoosier said...

Wow, Betsy has lost a baby tooth already. Of course, she is an outlier; most children do not grow up nearly as fast. Miles won't, that's for sure.

Can Betsy subtract 20 from 42? "A lot" is a credited response.

Continuing the Packers-related blogjack, Fatty Mac had the best comment so far with "Ryan Grant must have studied unflappability at Notre Dame."

jdhoosier said...

As a quick followup to yesterday's comment:

I've never been a Manning fan before, but I was today... and Manning came through in the clutch! Yay Manning!


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