Saturday, January 5, 2008

Again with the not posting.

Perhaps I should set a New Year's Resolution that I will actually update my blog more often than hardly-ever? I am truly a loser, and thanks for continuing to read if my flakiness hasn't driven you away.

Anyway, Happy 2008! Matt and I had big exciting plans for New Year's Eve... we put the kids to bed early, grilled up some steaks (did I mention the almost embarrassingly large box of steaks that Matt's boss sent us for Christmas? They are delicious) and popped open some bubbly (Meijer brand sparkling lemonade) and watched The Bourne Ultimatum on DVD. Actually, now that I think about it, I can't remember the last time we've seen a movie in the theaters. I'd rather just sit around in my pajamas on the couch than actually hire a babysitter and go out. Plus, there are special features!

The Bourne Ultimatum was awesome. I think that's my favorite trilogy since The Lord of the Rings.

And now Christmas is officially over. *sob* The tree went back into the basement today, and most but not all of the cookies in the freezer have been eaten. Of course there is still scrapbooking to do...

Also, I'm now in my third trimester. I realized this on January 2nd when I had my doctor's appointment and had to do the blood glucose test, which is usually around 28 weeks. Sad, that I had to be poked in the elbow with a needle to realize how far along I am. Hooray! I don't have gestational diabetes. I'd be in big trouble otherwise because I've been going to town on the Christmas cookies and I don't have a particularly burning desire to give birth to a baby the size of a Thanksgiving turkey.

I've been keeping myself really busy this week because seminary doesn't start until Tuesday. I have the maternity dress almost finished - I'll do the hem while we are watching The Painted Veil tonight (thank you, Netflix!) and then I can wear it to church tomorrow. The wrap dress is actually almost done too, which is goofy because it will be ages and ages before I can wear it. But it's coming together really easily so I think I'll go ahead and finish it. (Fortunately I'm carrying kind of low, so I was able to fit the bodice. As long as the bodice fits, the whole thing should fit, right?) I also did some scrapbooking; in fact I've got 5 or 6 pages that are ready and just waiting for me to stop being lazy and scan them. (It's a long story but I have to hook up the extra printer and use the scanner on that one... and the second printer is on a shelf in our closet and that would mean I'd actually have to go in there and get it.) And yesterday I organized the linen closet, which has been bothering me for a long time actually. The kids got a lot of games for Christmas and we really needed a place to put them besides "shove them on the shelf in between the air mattress that works and the air mattress that doesn't work." (We got rid of the broken one, by the way.) It looks fabulous, even if it doesn't stay that way for long.

Will put up pictures of said projects soon. Me lazy.

3 witty remarks on "Again with the not posting."

Fatty McSlowSlow said...

Thanks for the update.
I'm really looking forward
To the next grandchild!

mom said...

You know, Robbie was really only the size of a very large chicken.
The turkeys I always bought were in the 24 pound range, and he was only 12.13. So half a turkey then. Take all the naps you can now, it will be too hard to sleep soon.

wrtwxg: the sound an electronic frisbee would make, if there was such a thing.

Amy on 1:19 PM said...

i'm so glad someone else is too lazy to go get things like that. lol! :) i know you are thrilled you've been able to get some sewing done. can't wait to see the layouts.


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