Sunday, July 29, 2007


I forgot to post anything for, like, a week and a half. I don't even have the excuse that I have been really busy, I am just lazy. But, here's a scrapbook page that I've been meaning to do since my parents were here in March, and I finally finished it. The rub ons didn't really show up like I wanted them to but I'm still really happy with the layout.

Seminary starts in three and a half weeks. Yikes!

But the good news is, it won't be held in my basement after all, so I don't have to go down there and vacuum up all the dead spiders. I mean, I still should, but I can do it on my own schedule now.

3 witty remarks on "Oops..."

mom said...

What a nice page!!!!! And I love the early 70's coloring! So, why did you have to have Seminary in your basement to begin with, and now don't? Love the page, did I mention that?

susan opel on 8:26 AM said...

I love how your mom is laughing so joyfully in that picture - and your dad and you as geeks of the science nature - too funny!

Suck them spiders up!

Shannon on 9:42 PM said...

Hey Joni...saw your comment on my blog and that is wierd that your maiden name is Blinn. I used to hang out at Luv2...didn't you as well? I'm in Fort Wayne...maybe we could get together and trace the family tree! LOL

You can e-mail me at if you want.


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