Monday, July 9, 2007

Dresses and other things

Soooo... my mom came back last Thursday. She brought my two youngest sisters and her serger. (In case you've never seen one, a serger is like an insanely complicated sewing machine, with four spools of thread and a spinning blade. Yes, a spinning blade.) I had gotten an awesome wrap dress pattern and some wonderful but quite ravelly silky fabric in the last sale at Joann's, and I realized early on that I would be insane to try & make it without a serger. Otherwise it would end up like the first dress I ever made, which I sort of can't wear because it is coming apart at the seams. So, I got to play with my mom's neat toy and if I ever save up $300 (which is highly unlikely for several reasons, including this) I may buy one of my own.

Anyway, here's the dress, in all its polyester wrappy glory. I think it has kind of a seventies look. (Also, you can see my new hair better and thanks to all who complimented on my last post!)

And on the dress-related front... we also made a trip to the IMA. I used to go there all the time when I was at Butler, because it was nearby and admission was free. Then they started charging admission, and now it's free again. The IMA has two small but wonderful adjoining exhibits: All Dressed Up and Dior: The King of Couture. Definitely worth a trip, if you ask me. (There's also, like, art and stuff.)

This was my favorite dress. It's silk shantung and comes with a matching pith helmet.

Mom and the girls left this morning. We had a really fun visit. Aside from the sewing and the drooling over dresses, we went fabric shopping, had a swim, and made S'mores. Good times.

3 witty remarks on "Dresses and other things"

Katie on 11:54 AM said...

I have no witty remarks, except to say that American Crafts drains me of my money too ...
KM ;)

fatty mcslowslow said...

A sewing machine?
I mostly design sergers.
Rotating knives, yes.

susan opel on 10:25 PM said...

Do you have a Stein Mart or a Von Maur near? So many pretty shapes of dresses these days. I just keep wanting to buy and buy, but never ever sew them myself!


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