Friday, July 13, 2007

I sleep in a DRAWER!

My son just gets weirder and weirder.

Wednesday night, I went in to check on him - nighttime being the time when I love him best, as it's about the only period when he's not actively engaged in mischief - and Porter wasn't in his bed. He wasn't on the floor, he wasn't on the crib mattress which we brought up for Grammy's visit and haven't put away yet, and he wasn't under the bed either. I was about to get worried but I could hear him breathing so I followed the sound.

This is where I found my son.

Yes, he was sleeping inside his dresser. Apparently he'd pulled out one of the drawers, emptied the one below it, and climbed in. But it wasn't just that Porter happened to be in his dresser when he fell asleep. Apparently he found the spot quite to his liking and he padded his little nest with his pillow, his baseball guy, his sippy cup and his Curious George and then crawled inside. (Oh, and he also wasn't wearing a diaper. Apparently, when this little guy wants to be comfortable, he goes all out.)

So, I did what any good parent would do: I signalled to Matt (because I was laughing too hard to speak) that he should come immediately. And bring the video camera.

The sequel to this story is that today, I found Porter with a screw in his nose. (Thank goodness it was one of those short, stubby screws from IKEA, or the little genius would have brained himself.) My highly useful and now slightly disgusting scrapbooking tweezers saved us a trip to the urgent care clinic. I'm a little afraid of what he's going to do tomorrow.

3 witty remarks on "I sleep in a DRAWER!"

fatty mcslowslow said...

No haiku this time. In uncharacteristic seriousness, if that dresser isn't anchored to the wall, do it now. I'd hate to have him pull it over on himself next time (and you can count on there being a next time.) Thanx.

Joni on 10:28 AM said...

Yeah, we already did. Not a total newbie at this anymore! ;-)

themacmomma on 8:41 PM said...

Joni, you are so funny!
I love how you tell the story... and how funny that Porter decided he would be more comfy all squished in his cubby hole!
How are you?


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