Monday, July 2, 2007

Change is good.

One thing which has been in a state of flux recently is the numbeer of people staying at our house. On Sunday morning we had five people (the four of us plus Molly). Last night we had eight - Grammie, Auntie Laura, and Auntie Emmy having arrived from Rochester - and now we are down to four. Well, actually three, since Matt is at work. And after my mom drops Emily and all her baby shower loot off in Kentucky, we will have seven people... it's getting a little confusing, isn't it? But Molly left some of her clothes here so I guess they have no excuse not to come back!

Another thing that's changed is my hair... since my favorite hairdresser was in town last night, it was time for a change. Actually, I've wanted to chop it off really short for a while now. Emily gave me more blonde highlights and took off several inches of length - it's really short now. I love it, but Porter took one look at me this morning and burst into tears. I'm having some trouble getting the front parts straight, of course, since I am bumblingly inept with a round brush, and the picture doesn't really give you the full effect, since I took it myself. Maybe I should have given the camera to my son?
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5 witty remarks on "Change is good."

Disney Scrapper on 11:22 AM said...

Joni I love the new hairdo.

Triciam92 said...

I love your hair! Didn't think I'd see another Blinn sibling, other than Cath, with short hair. It is great to have a full house - always having something to do (mostly dishes)! Give hugs and kisses to all when they pass back through! Happy 4th of July...
<3 Trish

Katie on 1:59 PM said...

cute hair joni!
you're very brave =)

Rodrigo said...

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susan opel on 10:13 PM said...

Cool new hair, darling.


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