Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Skirting the issue

I've been on a big skirt kick lately. I think it's my inherent girliness coming out, or maybe I am just too lazy for pants (what with having to put each of your legs into a separate pants leg, and all that). I got an awesome denim skirt at Goodwill that I've been wearing like every third day, and I just sewed myself this:

It's hard not to love a pattern that has pockets (for all my stuff) and no zipper (for my laziness). Although I was vaguely insulted that McCalls apparently believes this is a '1 Hour Pattern!' Even if you remember not to sew the pockets shut, I think it would take a lot longer than sixty minutes.

And if I look like a sofa, it's because that actually is home decorating fabric. (In fact, I think I'm going to pick some up in red and have the recliner re-upholstered this winter.) But I've always loved toile so it makes me happy.

Speaking of things I've always liked... I've wanted my own copy of this book

ever since I first read it two or three years ago. (Gene Stratton-Porter lived most of her life in Indiana, so that's how I got hooked on her works. I'm also a fan of Booth Tarkington.) Anyway, I discovered on Alibris that I could have a 1925 copy for less than half the cost of the paperback reissue, so I snapped it right up. I always love old books: that peculiar musty smell, the decorated frontispiece, the typeface. This one is inscribed 'M. Beech 8/4/34.' I think I need to find a fountain pen and add my own signature in a big swirly script.

3 witty remarks on "Skirting the issue"

jdhoosier said...

May I reccomend
The Keeper of the Stud Book
By Guccione?

mom said...

I think you got that love of old books from me...I just can't get enough of them! Most of the time I love the stories inside them, as well. Remember "Free Air"?

Joni on 6:31 PM said...

How could I forget Free Air? I have my own copy of it!!


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