Monday, August 6, 2007

Thinking cold thoughts

It is about a million degrees today. Unfortunately it's supposed to get up to a billion by the end of the week, and we are going to the State Fair on Friday. Oh well, it will be good practice for the hot Orlando weather, I guess. In the meantime I am trying just to move as little as possible, except to go to swimming. (But you'd better believe we're going to drive to the pool in our air-conditioned van.)

Betsy likes to play hide-and-seek with me while Porter is napping. Unfortunately, she is not exactly the world's greatest hider. I'll count to 10 and do that whole "oh no, where could Betsy be hiding?" routine and her little voice pipes up, "I in here, Mama!" Plus she tends to use the same 3 hiding spots over and over. But it's always fun when she finds me - she always bursts out laughing.

Betsy put on a pair of my shoes this morning - these awesome 6" wedges that were 75% off at Target - and I told her she looked like a mama. She said, "No, a kid with shoes." Well. Okay then.

2 witty remarks on "Thinking cold thoughts"

mom said...

Oh does that bring back memories! I used to play "Where could Robbie be?" I would look all over his bedroom, in the closet, under the bed....listening to him giggle from under the covers or in the laundry basket(can you imagine him trying to fit in one NOW?). I miss those days with him.

mom said...

Oh, and it's a trillion degrees in Baghdad.


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