Friday, October 6, 2006

Feeling fall

On Wednesday, the weather was really gorgeous. We spent most of the day out on our new patio - Betsy amused herself with the pile of sand that was left over from its construction. I gave her one of our brooms to play with, because hey, it's never too early to learn right? The temperature dropped thirty degrees overnight, so I guess summer is really over and it's fall now. Time to get out the long sleeved shirts and the sweaters and the extra blankets for all the beds.

I'm having some women from church over tonight, which means I have a long fun day of cleaning ahead of me. (Especially with all the sand that's been tracked into my kitchen.) Last night, I made - or tried to make, anyway - a Pumpkin Cake Roll but the cake sorta collapsed, so I ended up having to glue it back together with cream cheese frosting and hope no one will judge me. ;-)

Porter's arm seems to be doing fine, thank goodness.

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