Thursday, October 12, 2006


Yep, it's finally here. My very first published scrapbook layout appears on page 138 of the November/December 'Simple Scrapbooks.' I picked up a copy at Michaels on the way home from the Children's Museum, and I couldn't stop staring at my layout the whole time I was in line to buy it. What a huge thrill!

In case you can't squint to read the blurb (I have a blurb! Me!) this is what it says: "As Joni knows, never underestimate the power of a good hairdresser. And it sure doesn't hurt if that hairdresser is your little sister! This page was the result of a must-scrap self-portrait and a happy marriage between the color of Joni's sweater and some gorgeous Chatterbox paper."

So, kudos to Em for all the free haircuts! (Speaking of which, Mrs. B., don't forget to bring the scissors when you come next month...) They have a very good blurb writer at Simple Scrapbooks: they managed to cram in a nod to my sister, my own photo credit (I really did take that photo with the self-timer, and if you think it looks good, you should see the 56 others that I didn't scrap) and of course a tribute to my favorite papers of all time... Chatterbox!

So, I figured I was going to be a one-pub wonder (which I was okay with) but continued to submit my pages. Lo and behold, I got an email from Scrapbook Trends requesting my 'Rough Life' layout for their Baby column! And when I was done squealing and calling Matt, I checked my email again and they wanted ANOTHER layout as well... 'Doesn't Everyone' for the Simple Things call! WOW!! I never thought I would actually see my work appear TWICE in the same magazine... So I will be mailing those two layouts off tomorrow. My album will have a lot of gaps until I get 'I Feel Pretty' back from SS!

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themacmomma on 5:58 PM said...

Love that blurb! That is good!
SS is so very large my friend... you ought to feel proud!
I can feel the feeling again with ST! It's speed for scrappers as my wise hubby says! Two doses a night isn't bad!

8kids4me said...

*SQUEEEEEE!!* I have to get out tomorrow and buy my very own copy....CONGRATS, Dear Daughter!!!!!

Carrie said...

Just got my copy in the mail today Joni, and I must say I got SO excited and proud to see your "I Feel Pretty" layout on pg. 138! I bragged about you to my family! I know exactly how you're feeling girl! When my 1st layout was in SS I couldn't put it down. Then when I did finally put it down I had it opened to that page so I could look at it when I passed the table. Carolyn's right - it's like speed for a scrapper to see her own creativity in print. Proud of you friend! Keep them coming girl! :)

Joni on 11:54 AM said...

heh! speed for scrappers - you girls are too funny!

Fatty McSlowSlow said...

That's one minute down,
Only fourteen left to go,
Says Andy Warhol.

susan opel on 8:37 PM said...

Rah rah for JONI! You are NOT the one-pub wonder. And anyway, that one pub in SS is so amazing. It was mighty fun poppoing the mag right open to your face! I gasped with glee!

Sue on 9:50 AM said...

I saw this, it's awesome!!! I'm thrilled for you :)

Tina on 6:07 PM said...

CONGRATS Joni!!!! I will go and buy that issue now!


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