Thursday, October 19, 2006

Self-portrait time

The Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame contest rules state that all photography must be your own original work. I want to include some pictures of myself in my HOF entry... thank goodness for the self timer on my camera! These are my favorite two...

The first one is for Assignment C, 'Journal Your Passion.' As much as I love to scrapbook, I have loved to read for MUCH longer. I had to balance the camera on the arm of the sofa! I used Picasa to de-saturate the colors a bit, and I'll probably crop it down a lot before including it in the actual layout. (I have a larger one for the focal point which I took of my bookshelf. It sounds lame, but it actually turned out quite cool.)

The second one is for Assignment H 'Your Scrap Space.' Yep, that's my happy kitchen island. It's not the kind of scraproom you see inmagazines, but it seems to be working for me. And it sure beats living in the apartment, when I had to cram all of my supplies (and myself, if I wanted to get anything done) onto that little stair landing.

4 witty remarks on "Self-portrait time"

susan on 8:11 PM said...

Dang! I gotta get on the stick! Good luck, Joni!

beth opel on 12:24 PM said...

Wow, you are ahead of the game! You go, girl! You know, I think they do allow SOME of the photos to be taken by others, especially if they want you to include pics of yourself. At least they did in other years!

I love your contemplative look! And any scrap space is a good one if it works for you!

Joni on 3:57 PM said...

Thanks girls! I'm fairly sure I won't actually win HOF but I hope to create some awesome pages as a result of it... Gotta love a great challenge!

And good luck to you too Susan!

themacmomma on 4:51 PM said...

You go girl! A good challenge always stretches us!

Great photos and great ideas!

It sounds like you are enjoying this process!


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