Friday, February 27, 2009

Making lemonade.

Can't go to work - might as well scrap!

Hmm, anyone noticing a similarity between these layouts? I guess I'm not as creative as I thought! I think that the 'Good Boy' page is still missing something, but I don't know what. One thing it's not missing, however, is the intense blue of my son's eyes.
I also made some cards, since I had all of the stuff out.

So all in all, it was a pretty good day. I've found some decent job leads already, and I got to hang out with my kids. Can't beat that with a stick!

5 witty remarks on "Making lemonade."

susan opel on 11:36 AM said...

Is it me, or did you say I made some cards? ;)

jdhoosier said...

The best revenge is lemonade.

Lemonade is best served cold.

When life gives you limes, Cointreau, and 100% agave tequila, make limeade and give JDH the remaining ingredients. Because you don't drink margaritae.

Good luck with the job leads. Have you started an Entity Death Pool for Nepotism Labs, LLC?

Joni on 2:57 PM said...

Hmm, I never knew that was the plural of margarita...

Yes! Cards!

Laura M on 12:04 AM said...

see, look on the bright side of everything! You already got some scrapbooking done! YAY!!!

Mrs. Brown can moo... on 10:10 AM said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the two of your kids...but I was expecting one of just betsy..sigh.


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