Friday, March 6, 2009

Something like spring.

It's in the sixties today, and it's supposed to be SEVENTY tomorrow. Perfect weather to wear these:

(Betsy took my picture for me - I think, at the moment, she's a better model than a photographer! But look what a great model she is.)

Something I've been wanting to do for a really long time is make mother-daughter clothes. And I got my great new sewing machine last year and have hardly had any time to use it! Matt gave me a Hobby Lobby card for Christmas and I, of course, blew it all on fabric. I got a length of that pink paisley intending to make a blouse for myself, but when I started laying out the pattern pieces, I realized I was going to have a LOT left over. So I found a little girl pattern out of my stash... they're not exactly the same design (hers has a square yoke and mine is round) but I still think it's a pretty good match. I already had the black fabric in my stash and by laying out the pieces VERY carefully, I was able to get her top and mine cut out without having to buy any more yardage. The only thing I didn't already have in my stash was the black bias tape that I used to bind the sleeves (which I didn't technically NEED but it was so easy and turned out really cute!) and that was like a dollar. So Betsy's top was essentially a 'freebie,' which was nice.

I've really enjoyed my week at home with the kids. We've spent most of our time down in the basement... the kids play and I sew or scrap or make cards and Amy hangs out in her playpen and it's really great! I did start a new job this week; it's in-person tutoring, VERY part time (one evening a week) but the hourly pay is pretty good and it's a nice change of pace from only working on the computer all the time.

I got a jury summons in the mail this week! Kind of weird that I've lived in Indiana for over a decade and never gotten one for this state before. I used to get them all the time for New York state when I was going to college...

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susan opel on 4:12 PM said...

Wait! Did you say make cards?

Loving the matchy-matchy tops!

fatty mcslowslow said...


mom said...

Love the shirts!!!!!

katorigasuki on 11:56 AM said...

tre cute.


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