Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hold my clothes and tie me down, sir.

So, I finally scrapped the photos from Betsy's dance recital... almost a year ago. I used the title 'Tiny Dancer' (even though it's slightly a cliche for a DANCE page) because it was the name of the patterned paper line. Yep, there's a whole line of scrapbooking supplies named after old songs... Penny Lane, Free Bird, et cetera. I can't help feeling that they missed an opportunity, though. Why not I Am The Walrus? Why not Ground Control To Major Tom? Or, for Valentine's day, Pompatus Of Love? (Of course, first they'd have to figure out what a 'pompatus' is. I think it might be the same thing as a 'hoosier.')

Aaaaaanyway, Emily was concerned on the last post that I scrapped each of my kids except for Betsy. So here ya go. I don't love her any less, I just don't have a lot of patience with the scanner.

And you see, Susan, that I wasn't kidding about the cards!

Maybe for my next post, I should write about something non-craft-related. Somehow.

5 witty remarks on "Hold my clothes and tie me down, sir."

fatty mcslowslow said...

There's a bathroom on the right...

mom said...

Gangster of Love. Steve Miller Band. I loved that song!!!!!

Also, I still haven't blogged about some of my travels, including the awesome pics from the museum with all of the dresses. Yeah, call me lame.

unworthe: me

mom said...

I was wrong. It's called Joker.

susan opel on 11:05 AM said...

OK - so, funny story about that MME paper. The MME guys were doing a product preview here in the office and I said, I'm Susan, I love music, and I think that the names for your lines are very clever. (the fourth one is Maggie May) I quized everyone on who sang each of the songs represented. Lots of blank looks... But the MME guys were impressed.

And look at you MAKING CARDS! I'm so proud of you!

Mrs. Brown can moo... on 7:32 PM said...

Thanks for doing a Betsy post...and I wasnt concerned, more like expecting it. Sigh...she's more and more adorable (even though they are from almost a year ago).


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