Sunday, February 8, 2009

This is where the magic happens.

Presenting my incredibly glamorous new scrap space:

I'm pretty sure that Creating Keepsakes will be wanting to do a spread in their magazine. Hard to decide whether to focus on the bare concrete floors, or the insulation on the walls (which Porter tried his darndest to pull down).

All kidding aside, it's nice finally to have ALL my craft stuff in one place. I finally have a table big enough to spread out on, and some cabinets to hold my embarrassingly large stash of fabric and patterned paper. I've been wanting to set up a craft area in the basement for a while now, and it was good timing because all that organizational-type stuff goes on sale after Christmas. I'm still looking at Goodwill for a desk lamp and a halfway-decent chair. (And I think I need a space heater, too, because it is FREEZING down there.)

I think my ribbons look so nice all in their little glass jars. (Oh, and you can see my top secret chocolate stash in this shot, too.)

4 witty remarks on "This is where the magic happens."

mom said...

Nice! I'm still in the process of turning the yellow room into my creativity center. I have a space heater in the basement that belonged to my mom...I'm actually thinking about bringing it up and using it in the bathroom on the first floor. Stupid room has three outside walls, ceiling, and crawlspace...and none of it insulated.

Laura M on 10:18 PM said...

haha, i can't wait to have my own scrap table!!!!

susan opel on 12:38 PM said...

The ribbons do look great!
And who knows? Maybe CK WILL call. I'll see what sort of strings I can pull.

themacmomma on 10:21 AM said...

Well deserved!
Love having a place to contain the 'madness' of crafting! Enjoy!


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