Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ten things you need to know about Amy

at ten months old!

1. She has eight teeth (most of which came in within about a week of each other)

2. She is a world champion of crawling

3. She is finally, sort of, sleeping through the night

4. Daddy feeds her vegetables during dinner

5. Sometimes she sticks her fingers in my mouth while we're nursing

6. Her favorite song is "I Am A Child Of God" and whenever we sing it, she sings along and waves her arms

7. She thinks bath time is great

8. She's a paci-a-holic

9. Her brother and sister can always get a smile out of her

10. We happen to think she's just swell.

4 witty remarks on "Ten things you need to know about Amy"

Laura M on 4:20 PM said...

She is quite the cutie pie no doubt. Or shall I call her (pi) or 3.14?

Thank you for posting so I have something to keep my brain busy!

susan opel on 11:41 AM said...

Love that little trio of Amy pics. She's such a big girl (and cute to boot!).

Mrs. Brown can moo... on 3:25 PM said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! She is toooo cute! I cant wait to see her again! I still cant believe that she weighs as much as Gavin! Ok...enough of the exclamation

sarkespl: How Betsy spells sparkle

fatty mcslowslow said...

Such a cute baby.
And she has such cute siblings.
You two do nice work.


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