Saturday, February 23, 2008

Look! I scrapped!

It turns out I had some leftover mojo after finishing my Hall of Fame entry. (Wouldn't Leftover Mojo be a great name for a rock band, as Dave Barry would say?) We still have 0 out of 2 scanners working, so I have to take photos of my layouts. Grr. Fortunately, the changing table (I'm not kidding) makes a pretty good backdrop. I need to have these on my computer one way or another, because I want to submit some of them. And share them with you all, of course.

You probably remember my shock when I actually got a decent picture of the kids seeing Santa. Any occasion that momentous deserves to be scrapped, in my opinion. The patterned paper came from the goodie bag I got at Kristy's crop - I just love the colors and the vintage prints. And Betsy's cowgirl hat, of course.

I can't get over this picture of Porter. He's really developing a sense of humor lately. Also, I'm using a lot of kraft paper backgrounds right now for some reason. It was nice to use up some bits and pieces of patterned paper that I couldn't bring myself to get rid of. (I usually throw all of my scraps away, so that's actually saying something, for me. Yes, I know it's called scrapbooking.)
Some pictures from Epcot last September. I still haven't started the actual Disneyworld album - it will probably be an 8x8 with a lot of photos - but I thought it would be fun to do a couple of 'highlights' pages and put them in the 2007 album. My apologies for the title; I really couldn't resist.
I think I shared this picture before on the blog - it's one of my favorites. And I love how my kids' winter coats match so well with the KI Memories winter paper. I swear that was a total coincidence.
Betsy's birthday: I loved the pictures but for the longest time I couldn't figure out what to do with them. I used some seriously old paper and stickers for this one, and I'm really happy with how it turned out. (Although I must apologize to Susan for all the inking!) The little tags are actually supposed to be a Valentine's Day embellishment but I think they work perfectly for a little girl page. You really can't go wrong with pink, can you?

My stuff is still spread out all over the kitchen island and I have a lot more I want to get done, but it has to wait. Because I Desperately. Need. A Nap. Right Now.

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Catherine on 10:42 PM said...
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Catherine on 10:44 PM said...

bah, humbug.

Why did nobody ever tell you?

P.S. I lose at writing tags. Sorry about the false start, lady. Your kids are charming and small, and Santa is ugly (don't tell him I said that).


mom said...

LOL Cath, I saw that on the Revelry community today....a long list of funnies, and um a couple that I thought weren't such bad ideas after all.

mom said...

Ravelry. duh. it's late.

susan opel on 5:35 PM said...

Lovin' that winter layout - and I was WITH you when you were showing your underpants in London and France! HEEEEEE hee!

joni said...

Yep, that's me - showing it all over town!

And Cath, just for the record, I didn't actually PUT him in the drawer to sleep, he got in there by himself. So there.

themacmomma on 11:56 AM said...

Very cute pages Joni!
I had some mojo for a while. I've seem to have lost it!


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