Sunday, February 17, 2008

I forgot this in my last post...

Probably the sweetest love song ever to be sung by a guy with half a face.

Don't you agree?

I had a fun, fun weekend. I got to hang out with Beth and Susan! We met up at Scrapbook Corner and sat in the crop area until they kicked us out. (I'm not kidding! That never happens to me.) I got to see some of Susan's layouts and a sweet album she made, and talk about scrapbooking magazines with Beth, and show off some of my layouts and admire their extremely high tech camera! I don't think I can even tell how much fun I had with them (I even picked up a few sheets of paper and some tags, even though I am not buying scrap stuff right now!)

Beth and me

Susan and me

The three of us

And you can totally see the adorable yellow Bug in the background! I love it. I had to laugh when they took off in that and I drove away in Matt's Yaris, which has all of the little without any of the cute and also isn't as clean.

Umm... in other news, Matt did our taxes on Friday, and we are getting some money back. Hooray! I always make him do the comparison between filing jointly and separately. I could file separately because I do have a very small income and my tax bracket would be a lot lower than his. But every time, it still turns out to be better to do a joint return. Why, this year alone Matt was better off by $1,000 just for being married for me! I bet he had no idea when he met me that I would be such an investment.

Betsy told me the other day that when she is a grownup, she is going to have a boy baby and name him Bane. That's spelled B-U-R-U-Y in case you're wondering.

Since I don't have any tutoring or seminary tomorrow (double hooray!) I've decided that it will be Anti-Procrastination Day. I'll tell you all about it later, ha ha! No seriously, I've been putting off a lot of small tasks because even with Matt around all the time, I've still been unusually busy. I'm not just talking about laundry, either (although I have mumble loads waiting to be folded). I sort of still haven't boxed up the Christmas plates! (Since they are decorated with snowmen, we've decided that they are winter plates. Umm, yeah, that's the ticket.) I have a lot of other little projects, some phone calls to make, I need to write a resume, and Matt will put together the entertainment center that we got just after Christmas. Doesn't that sound exciting?!

6 witty remarks on "I forgot this in my last post..."

Catherine on 12:51 AM said...

Wow, your baby fat is starting to show.

I can tell because you no longer look like you could grate cheese on your jawline, fuh fuh fuh.

I still have school tomorrow, isn't that gross? Ugh.

Betsy's spelling is reely gud.

And that muppet is way cuter than the phantom of the opera, who is OMG SLIGHTLY UNATTRACTIVE ON ONE SIDE, TO ARMS!

I want that song in my repertoire.

Fatty McSlowslow said...

"Write a resume?"
Thinking about chemistry?
Hope it all works out.

susan opel on 7:45 PM said...

Bane? Like bane of my existence? That can't be good.

Who are those hot chicks?:)

triciam92 said...

Geez - wish that I had today, or Pres' Day off. Down here in Osceola County, Florida we don't get it off - we had off on Friday for Rodeo Day!! Tells ya what the southerners think is more important! (I still think of myself as a yankee!!) O and I'm jealous that you can put on the weight - at least you have a legit reason, unlike me.

Luv ya

Katie on 12:14 PM said...

Bane - bwahahahaha
Kids = so funny
And Joni? I got your comment re: time on the microwave and you:
a. are crazy
b. crack me up
c. are one of my fave people that I don't see on a regular basis
BiG HuGs 2 U
k :)

beth opel said...

Hi Joni Baloney!

It was AMAZING and natural to sit and chit chat with you, and "sorta" scrap! I loved looking at your work in have such a quirky, sweet style. And you, my dear, are the real deal. Let's do it again!


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