Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentimes-today!

That being Betsy's interpretation of the holiday. I know a lot of people hate V-Day but I have nothing but love for a holiday that revolves around candy. (Wait, you thought it was celebrating love?!) Betsy and I made infinity of heart-shaped cookies after lunch today. Delicious! Can you tell which one she frosted?

Speaking of infinity, I have four baby showers to go to in the next three weeks. Isn't that fun? I just love baby showers. I went to Babies R Us today and bought a whole bunch of shower gifts (diapers, wipes, and onesies with fire trucks on them). One of the showers is even for me! I always assumed that you don't get a shower for your third baby, but I seriously had at least four or five women from church ask if they could throw me a shower. (Maybe it was just a polite way of saying that I stink. Get it? Because it's a shower?!) I think that in our ward, people just really love a party.
And other fun things: we have a scrapbooking night at church once a month, so that's tomorrow. I talked about it for a while but another lady actually started the group. Yay for organized people! On Saturday I get up to meet up with two of my favorite scrappers, Beth and Susan. Beth is a previous HOF-er, and Susan is one of the funnest scrappers around (and it's not just me that thinks so). Despite living in the same state, it's been waaaay too long!
After the kids go to bed tonight we're going to grill up some more of the steaks from Matt's now former boss, and watch a movie. I can't decide if we should watch Dark Passage which we got from the library (Bogie and Bacall, quite appropriate for V-Day), or Now Voyager which arrived in the mail from Netflix. Matt thinks I'm crazy, but I have this theory that you should watch a black-and-white movie on Valentines' Day, because b&w is sexy. I'm not crazy, am I?

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mom said...

Crazy? hm yes, but that's beside the should go with the black and white movie, besides, it's Bogie and Bacall!
You know, I didn't have a baby shower till I had Emily.Most of the people who came had already given me gifts too! I had sooo much stuff for her.

Happy Valentime's Today to you, Matt, and the kids!

Catherine on 12:13 AM said...

Dear Joan:

Baby showers are The Most Boring Experience I Can Think Of. But then, maybe it's because I was never the one getting presents, plus, oh, my hormones were shrieking "Get away from me, happy fruitful women with meaning and purpose and baking instincts! Begone you nesting vipers of goodwill and mood swings! Take your bowling-ball tummy and your fat ankles and your life-giving womb and just shove it. I need none of your happily-married bliss. I need none of your biological fulfillment. I just came to get a petit-four and I'm out of here." You know, that sort of thing. Plus, too many pastels. From now on every baby shower I go to I'm wearing brown.

Unless it's my own, assuming I ever actually attract a viable mate. Then I'll wear pink and teal. Because of the hormones. And serve veal, in commemoration of babies.


Word verification is burjilu, which is curried burlap sacks from the Republic of Naiba.

themacmomma on 5:52 PM said...

OOOOhhh, I'm jealous that you got to scrap with the Opel's! I'm scrapping about when Susan came here this summer!

Love V-day and not just for the candy, although who can beat candy! I love splurging on 'hearts' once a year!

susan opel on 7:52 PM said...

OK, who is this here catherine of post #2 fame? I so enjoyed her response. Though I don't necessarily hate baby showers THAT was darn funny!

And also what was fun was hanging ewith you yesterday!

jdhoosier said...

Cath, you know you can buy petit-fors (or is it petits-for?) at the grocery store, right? Although at some of the stores I've been to, you might be better off calling them "them little cake things." You'll sound less pretentious that way, and that's important.

You forgot the very bestest part of all about baby showers: just 5 short months later, the beaming happy mutual-fund-commercial couple gets to go out on a date! On our first post-blessed-event outing, I ordered the leg of lamb and Hoosiermama had the duckling -- in short, we both made a point to order something cute. Then we saw a movie about a pregnant 16-year-old. Feel the glow.

Wear brown. Give gifts featuring the warmth of brushed stainless steel. German kitchen appliances are always a winner. Critique the ultrasound photo for both technical and anatomical soundness. Make it a special day no one will forget.


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