Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Get your kicks

I've been sewing again! I spotted this fabric at JoAnn's last week (it's Alexander Henry, of course) and thought, Now what can I sew with that? Fortunately there had been a 99-cent pattern sale a month or two before, so I had several skirt patterns to choose from in my stash. This one is Simplicity 3841 and I love it. The only downside is that there's a zipper... well, it was time to stop delaying the inevitable. My machine doesn't take a zipper foot, so I hand-basted everything, and only did the topstitching by machine. The topstitching is crooked but when isn't my topstitching crooked? Anyway, it's not too noticeable, I think, and the zipper zips and unzips, so I'm calling it a victory.

(I wrote a pattern review here - I always have a lot to say about my projects.)

On a completely unrelated note, the Number of the Day yesterday was 7, and they actually played The Alligator King And His Seven Sons. I was shocked - it's been years since I've seen that anywhere besides YouTube. I always assumed that the reason for the omission was the reference to the 'perfume that smelled like cheap cigars' and of course, Sesame Street can't have anything even resembling an endorsement of smoking, because hundreds of thousands of kids will start lighting up, because don't you know Sesame Street has that kind of power? (*eyeroll*) Anyway, they have been bringing back some of their old stuff from the vault - Everybody Sleeps was always a favorite of mine, and those wacky pinball sequences - and they have some new sketches which are quite good as well (like the Grouch broadway musical 'Scramalot.')
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5 witty remarks on "Get your kicks"

Emily said...

that skirt is SO CUTE! ended up having issues with the zipper after all. Oh least it works, right?

on a side note..the comm. gen. of this post kinda looks like Horatio Cane. hehehe

Joni on 2:22 PM said...

Horatio Caine: huh?!

And no, I did not have issues with the zipper; the zipper had issues with me.

Disney Scrapper on 3:45 PM said...

I love the skirt and the shoes.

Emily said... I spelled Caine wrong, but yes, he looks like him. Russell actually pointed that out to me. Funny, huh?

I'm sure the zipper was out to get you. I'm sorry *snort*. It still turned out adorable! I wish I had one like that!

mom said...

OHHHHH how cute!!!! Love it with the espedrilles. BTW, our Joann's does NOT have AH fabric. I searched and searched. None to be seen. Oh that pattern? I am thinking of getting that to make a skirt for Cath out of some pique fabric that is orange and lime green(authentic vintage '60s). I still have issues with zips as well, ever since my 9th grade sewing teacher made me rip out a perfect zip because "no one should get it right the first time".


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