Thursday, May 10, 2007

yep, he's a keeper!

So, I had a really lousy day yesterday. I got rained on when I went to Meijer and the kids were non-stop screaming all day. Not good. So, Matt brought flowers AND chocolate when he came home last night.
But, the best part was, Matt brought me chocolate that he doesn't like. (It was a Cadbury with roasted almonds, which always reminds me of when Emily was born.) He does this so that he won't be tempted to eat it and the chocolatey goodness is all mine. Now, if that's not love, I don't know what is!

2 witty remarks on "yep, he's a keeper!"

susan opel said...

Oh, Joni! He is a keeper! bonus points for your hubby, especially the chocolate that he doesn't like (and I am thinking, are you NUTS, buddy? - sounds good to me!).

I find it hard to imagine any Meijer experience not being anything but stellar. ;) OK, I'm stretching the truth there.

So we tagged you on our blog. I KNOW that you are going to be good at this one. Have fun!

susan opel said...

PS - I'm pretty sure that "not being anything but stellar" would be a double negative. But I don't hardly care!!! LOL!


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