Friday, May 18, 2007


My fabulous friends Beth and Susan tagged me via their blog, oh, sometime last week. I've had a lot of Spamalot- and Disney-related posts to get through (Seriously! We're going to Disneyworld.) before I could allow myself the total luxury of an entire blog post about myself. But, there's no putting it off now, so without further ado...

Seven Random Facts About Myself
1. You know the John Denver/Muppets collaboration without which Christmas would be just a hollow mockery of the holiday season? It appeared as both a record (which I now own on CD) and a TV special (which for some reason has never been released on video or DVD. Crazy!) Are you wondering what this has to do with me? I recently learned that the original airdate for the TV special was the actual day that I was born. (Hey Mom, did you watch it?)
2. Speaking of TV shows and childbirth, I watched NCIS when I was in labor with Porter. And I watched Scrubs both of the times I gave birth (the show has been on for several years, and it keeps changing nights).
3. My first car was a 1986 Chevy Caprice... which doesn't sound too bad until you consider the year was 1999. Calling it a rust bucket is actually fairly generous.
4. I don't know any foreign languages. How did I manage to avoid learning one, you wonder? I took Latin in high school.
5. Despite having been an avid scrapbooker for over six years, I don't subscribe to any scrapbook magazines and I never have. I'd rather get back issues at the library and spend my money on something else (usually paper). My favorite mag. is Scrapbook Trends, which is $15 an issue (seriously: ouch!) but they are also the most likely to publish me, so I get a free issue from time to time.
6. My favorite kind of bagel is Everything.
7. My favorite scent at Bath and Body Works is Peony, which used to be a limited-edition and is now part of their regular lineup. The peony is also the state flower of Indiana, so that seems appropriate somehow.
Okay, that's seven... next up, I'm tagging Mom. (There must be seven things about you that I don't know!)

5 witty remarks on "tag"

mom said...

It's going to be hard to come up with seven facts about me that you wouldn't know. I'm going to try though in a day or two. And no, I was too busy looking at you the night the Muppets show was on!

susan opel on 8:08 PM said...

Cool - glad you played along and took some time to blog about little old you!

I *heart* the John Denver/Muppet collaboration, but I think that we've already established that! I ALSO had the album and now own the CD. How WILD that it originally aired on the day of your birth. I was a fully cognizant child by that time!

Joni on 10:43 PM said...

Well jeez, Mom, that wasn't very smart. I mean, you could have looked at me anytime. ;-)

Did you at least watch it, Susan?

susan opel on 5:04 PM said...

As a matter of fact, I'm POSITIVE that I watched it!

Joni on 10:14 AM said...

Then it was a good day for both of us, wasn't it?


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