Saturday, April 21, 2007

It's Steak n Shake! And I helped!

Elements of my family were here (specifically Mom, Dad, Rob, Laura, and Molly, plus Mike and Mandy as a special add-on bonus). They were driving back from Green Bay and popped in for a day or so. Which wasn't long enough at all but at least we got Uncle 'Maxed The Army Physical Fitness Test' Rob to perform the invaluable service of helping Matt lug our incredibly heavy new dining room table from the warehouse to the car and then into the house. Really, it's a huge table, but Rob is what Betsy calls 'stron' so I'm sure it wasn't a problem for him.

The picture is us having dinner the first night: we didn't have the dining table yet, but I had made Moroccan chicken stew for dinner so we ate dinner sitting on cushions at the floor (just like at the extremely tasty Moroccan restaurant Matt and I went to for our anniversary). I just realized that this is the only picture I got of Rob but that's not my fault - he kept hiding whenever someone got a camera out. He's really not (quite) that scary looking in real life. Also, if you look in the background you can see Betsy's new nightgown that Grammie sewed for her - it has butterflies on it and there was no nightgown-related angst this time, she actually put it on over her clothes the moment she received it. (Plus Mom gave me a scrap to make into a doll nightgown, so they'll match.)

Porter was not totally crazy about his house being overrun with strange people (and they were Blinns which I think makes them stranger). We eventually had to utilize the trick of Toddlers Will Approach Anyone Who Gives Them Food to get him in the same zip code as my mom. That totally worked on Molly when she was two.
And it mostly worked. He eventually worked up the nerve to accept raisins from his Grammie, but he was very very careful not to make any sort of actual, you know, physical contact with her.

Mom and I made a chicken pot pie for lunch - I can't believe you've never made one before, Mom, but now that you know how incredibly tasty they are - and that was the inaugural meal eaten on The Big Giant Dining Room Table. I didn't take any pictures though.

We went to Steak n Shake for dinner which is always a pleasure. (Thanks, Dad!)Did you know they have potties? I actually went out on a crazy limb and didn't order a Frisco melt. (I know Emily, you're shocked! Shocked!!!) The lighting was really good so I took a bunch of pictures.

Molly and Betsy coloring

Laura laughing at her dorky older brother(s)

Mom, Mike, and Mandy (who's really looking preggers now)

Hat! Hat! Hat hat hat!

Dad and me (Mom took this picture actually)

Anyway, it was a nice visit if rather short. Betsy had a ball playing with her aunties, I got to hone my slightly rusty Simpsons-quoting skills, and Mom played what I must admit was a pretty good practical joke on me. But that's okay, Mom! I spit in your food so now we're even!

Matt started working on our garden bed today and I did some sewing. I actually finished a project but I haven't taken a picture yet: I'll post one soon. It turned out really cool!

5 witty remarks on "It's Steak n Shake! And I helped!"

fatty mcslowslow said...

You spit in Mom's food?
Oh well, she's contacted worse
Body fluids of yours.

susan opel said...

I just love family get togethers! Looks like you had a blast, Joni!

CarrieF. said...

YAY for quality family time!
Nothing better than that!
Love all your pics!

jdhoosier said...

I got a few good pics of Rob. I'll send them along once I have them uploaded, which I'll probably do after exams are done, which is scheduled to be sometime around the end of time.
I'll be sure to tell my bride that she's "really looking preggers now." I know women love to hear that sort of thing.

Joni on 12:51 PM said...

That would be great, Mike. Can you also send me the picture of Betsy alseep in her booster - your shot turned out better than mine.

'Really looking preggers' is actually a vast improvement over 'just looking chubby.' It's a great day when there's something to fill out your maternity tops.


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