Monday, April 23, 2007

You Won't Like This Present As Much As I Do

(That's the title to an episode of Charlie and Lola, by the way. But I suspect it is a universal sentiment.)

This is the project I finished over the weekend. It's a going-away present for my good friend Rebecca, who is moving to Lexington next month. Rebecca's one of the few people I know who (like me) always wears an apron when cooking or doing dishes. I mean, there are other things to love about a person besides a mutual affinity for keeping one's clothes clean, but it's a good starting point, no?

Anyway, I love this apron so much that I'd be tempted to keep it, but there's no need when I can just sew another one for myself. It wasn't really all that hard, even, except maybe for the rickrack. (If you've been paying attention: Sewing trims and I are not friends.) And even that wasn't as bad as I'd expected. I could see myself making a lot more of these as gifts (so the time to get on my good side is now).

5 witty remarks on "You Won't Like This Present As Much As I Do"

CarrieF. said...

That pattern looks like the new Basic Grey Scarlet Letter paper!!

Joni on 2:02 PM said...

Hey, it does, doesn't it! The same black, red, and gray.

The fabric is Alexander Henry 'Tatsu' and my JoAnn's is all sold out of that color but they still have some in purple. It's very cool.

Amy on 8:00 PM said...

So cute Joni!

mom said...

YAY!!! Aprons!!!!!! A girl just can't have enough! It turned out very nice, dear.

themacmomma on 4:27 PM said...

Well, I'll take one!
You rule the sewing machine miss!


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