Friday, April 27, 2007

Does he look two-er than he did yesterday?

Well, he should, because Porter is two now.

We celebrated by going to the zoo in the morning - bouncy rhino bridge! dolphin show! lions! - and had McDonald's for lunch on the way home. Betsy helped me frost his blue birthday cake and wrap his blue birthday presents. (She's even more into the whole birthday thing than I am. I think she's going to grow up to be the next Martha Stewart.) (And speaking of Martha Stewart, I stopped by Michaels on the way home and they have the whole new Martha line for scrapping and crafts. Can I just say that I love it? That is all.) After Matt got home from work and we ate dinner, we did the presents and cake.

Porter's main gift was a train set from IKEA. It was so wicked cheap that I actually bought everything train-related that they sell: the basic set, the extra tracks, the bridge and tunnel, and the Euro-looking speed train. The little 3-piece choo choo was the first thing Porter opened, and in what appears to be fairly typical two-year-old fashion, could only barely be coaxed to show interest in the rest of his presents. Betsy was more than happy to make up for this deficit, however. We ended up laying out the tracks all over the dining table - you knew there was a reason why we needed such a huge table, don't you? - and I think Matt and I had as much fun as the kids.

Also, there was cake.
I don't know why, but I love this picture. Maybe it's the forced perspective that makes the cake appear roughly three times the size of his head; maybe it's the fact that for once I seem to have achieved depth of field; or maybe it's the slightly distrustful look on my two-year-old's face. "I know this is cake, and cake is good, Mom, but why on earth did you light it on fire?" Betsy ended up being the one who blew out the candles (real surprise there). Porter was actually pretty happy about the cake: he liked it so much that he was feeding it to his trains.
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3 witty remarks on "Does he look two-er than he did yesterday?"

susan opel said...

Happpy birthday pint-sized Porter! You are so lucky to have such an awesome Mom. You're Dad is probably pretty great too, but i've never met him, so I can't say for sure, but he DID let your Mom go to Fort Wayne and Birmingham, so he must be a-OK!

Andrea D. on 9:05 AM said...

Happy Birthday, Porter! I didn't realize we had boys so close in age... my Nolan will be two on the 20th of this month. And isn't the Indy Zoo simply awesome?! Love that place (though have you been to Fort Wayne's? One of my all-time favs!).

themacmomma on 8:38 PM said...

He does look more two now! He's getting so big!
My kids love the trains!
That is a great photo... and you are so funny!


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