Thursday, April 26, 2007

So THAT'S why my house is messy!

It's because I've been scrapping again. I got a batch of prints in the mail, so now I have something to keep me occupied.

Do you not absolutely love those colors? I think American Crafts really outdid themselves on their latest release as far as scrumptious colors are concerned. The brown paper with dots is actually called 'Bonbon' (the entire line is named after foods, actually) and I think it couldn't be more fitting.
I usually don't like scrapping multi-page, 'event' type layouts. I don't know why, but I find it easier to assemble a single-photo layout on some random subject like hating laundry. As a result, I'm usually unhappy with all the pages I've done for birthdays, Christmas, Easter, etc. This time, though, I was on a roll and the design seemed to come together fairly easily.

The other great thing about scrapbooking, besides the scrapbooking, is shopping for supplies.

I finally killed off the Hobby Lobby giftcard that Matt gave me for Christmas. (Don't I always try to stretch out the enjoyment as long as possible? I know, I am such a dork.) I got sparkly cardstock and cool vintage trims and velvet letter stickers and ribbon. It's really amazing how much you can get when Hobby Lobby is having one of their 50% sales.

I've got one more layout to complete and then I really should fold laundry. But, Porter's birthday is tomorrow and I'm bound to take lots of pictures (I have some of this paper and Porter totally has an outfit that matches it) so maybe the responsible-adult-type stuff is going to have to wait.

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themacmomma on 8:39 PM said...

Good for you scrapping!
I've done a few things, I did them a month or so ago.
I can't scrap right now... so sad!
Love your LO's!


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