Friday, March 30, 2007

second dress

I started cutting out this dress on Monday, thinking I'd just get the pieces ready and sew it during General Conference. But then I thought, I might as well sew a little, and a little more, and then... this morning I realized I was 85% finished and I could have it done by lunch if I didn't take a shower. Which I didn't. And I still haven't.

I thought I'd make Simplicity 3875, with the crossover top and the cute sleeves. The more I looked at that pattern, I realized I didn't really like the rest of the dress, so I figured I'd try and patch the bodice front of 3875 onto the skirt and back bodice of 4072. (Which is the pattern I used on my last dress. Fortunately there's also an option for a set-in sleeve, or I'd be sunk.) That didn't necessarily work out so I ended up making entirely new pattern pieces for the bodice front, the sleeves and the neck bands. (I used that Quilter's Grid stuff - it's basically nonwoven interfacing with grid lines printed on - and I love it. I may start tracing all of my patterns now.)

I think I officially have a 'thing' for contrast topstitching, because this time I did it in pink.
And it's mostly straight! (Just don't look too closely at the midriff bands.) The biggest change I made from last time is that I widened the skirt band and doubled it over. I learned from making Betsy's doll dress that having a folded band at the bottom of the skirt gets you out of hemming it - and any time I can avoid hand sewing, I am a happy girl. Also, I only did one pocket, since I sort of ran out of room when I was laying out the pieces. Oh well - as long as I have room for my ChapStick, I can survive. ;-)

I just want to add that it's a REALLY gorgeous day outside today. I think I'll take the kids for a walk later. After my shower.
Also, if you see my mom today, wish her a happy 50th! Love ya Mom!

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mom said...

What a pretty dress!!! I love how you morphed the patterns. Thanks for the good wishes, I love you too!

susan opel said...

The dress is super cute, Joni! You are talented in SO many ways!

Happy 50th to your magnolia mama!

Laura said...

Ohhhh! That is lovely Joan! :^)

beth opel said...

Wow, that's amazing! You keep coming up with new aspects to your creative bent! I'm totally impressed, you cutie girl!

Sue on 9:46 AM said...

you can SEW, girlfriend :) Amazing dress!!

themacmomma on 6:35 PM said...

Wow, Joni, you are really going on that sewing! Totally cute dress! I'm impressed that you have the guts to make your own pattern! It seems like you were just saying that you are new to sewing or something!

Dawn on 9:44 AM said...

Love brown and pink! Great dress.

Emily said...

Awesome job on the dress Joni! I cant wait to maybe see you in some point....sigh. I need to make more clothes, but I need money for fabric in order to do that, so it will have to wait a a while.

PS....I'm outgrowing all my clothes...thank goodness one of the pants I bought can be turned into capris just by buttoning up the bottom. hehe


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