Friday, March 9, 2007


When I was driving home from Target, the car thermometer said it was 54 degrees. Woohoo! Time to break out the spring jackets - and more importantly, flip flops! (I really, really hate wearing socks.) It was kind of a strange winter, with about 95% of our snowfall crammed into three very blustery weeks. And, I know that Old Man Winter can never go out gracefully... there always has to be one last death struggle in the form of a late snowfall. But if I'm lucky, it will happen while I'm in Alabama.

Porter's new favorite word is Hat. Hat, hat, hat. He wore his knitted hat to Target (which coincidentally has cars on it - another favorite thing right now) and yesterday, he and Betsy made robot hats by wearing my colanders on their heads. No, I haven't taken any pictures yet, but if you think I haven't already planned a scrapbook page about it, then you don't know me very well.

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susan opel said...

Can't wait to hear all of the good stuff that happens to you next week!

The weather WAS splendid today, was it not?


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