Thursday, March 22, 2007

I bet you thought I forgot

to finish posting about the Event! No, actually, we're having major issues with our computer. I think I'd better write this post before we end up having to re-install our hard drive, which is a huge inconvenience even though everything is backed up (phew!)

Anyway, yes, there was an Event last weekend, and I was there, and it was awesome! We took eight different classes, made some projects, and learned a lot about everything from photography to graphic design to Jelly Belly Sport Beans (they are like Gatorade jelly beans, and they taste kind of odd). Oh, and got a ton of free stuff! Chipboard, patterned paper, chocolate, you name it.

I haven't finished up most of my projects yet - everything still has a piece or two that needs to be attached, an edge that needs inking - and I was going to wait & do this post when they were all done, so I could show pictures, but that will probably not happen for a while. But, I do have some fun pictures to share.

This is me meeting Stacy Julian!

Note that I only talked to her for, like, two minutes. I don't remember gestuculating wildly, but photos don't lie. I was showing her the covers to an album that I made for her online class - didn't have time to finish the whole album but I really wanted to show her; I was so inspired by the whole 'Glimpses' concept. Anyway, Stacy is really nice and cool, and I got a kick out of her 'Finish Line' class. We completed a whole 6x6 album in under an hour! I like to agonize over the placement of every element on a page, so that was a good change of pace for me.

This is Jenni Bowlin and her truly awesome vintage apron. The photo totally doesn't do justice to her cuteness and her Southern accent. We made a great chipboard accordion album with some of her new products - which I LOVED, they are awesome vintage but not so 'distressed' looking that they wouldn't mix well with the modern paper prints I am always using. Does that make any sense? Just go to her site and look at her stuff (you would love it Mom!)

Another class I really loved was Heather Preckel's.

The project was an altered clipboard - and while I freely admit to not being an altered clipboard person, I had so much FUN! Heather did a great job making her class interesting and upbeat, I had a really great time.

These are some ladies that I ate lunch with the second day. Would you believe, I ended up sitting with a lady who's lived almost her entire life in Indianapolis?! And this - I had to save the best for last - is Katie from the message board. I mean, I though I was doing good to wear some actual green on St. Patrick's Day (considering that the overwhelming majority of my wardrobe is black, blue, and pink). But Katie went all out!

It was a really fantastic weekend, I'm so glad I was able to attend! I feel totally re-energized and ready to scrap again. And... my awesome husband actually kept the laundry kept up while I was away!

4 witty remarks on "I bet you thought I forgot"

susan said...

A) The skirt turned out great!
B) You are with Stacy Julian!
C) You do tend to gesticulate wildly - jk
D) Did you meet Brenda Arnall?
E) I, too, did things at the event last year that were totally outta my zone.
F) Let's go together next year!

Joni on 6:12 PM said...

D) Yes, and I totally forgot to write about it on my blog entry! I saw Brenda but before I had a chance to say hi to her, SHE approached ME and hello! That was awesome. And, I showed Brenda the picture of you and me from Croptoberfest and she agreed that it was nice to have you there at the Event... sort of...

Catherine on 8:28 PM said...

The best part is where you talk about your laundry.

themacmomma on 8:47 PM said...

Yea for the event and your rockin' skirt!
Maybe we can all meet up and go next year!
I'm glad you learned a lot and had a great time!

Oh, and yea for new computers!
LOL at getting high tech stuff in cereal boxes!!! I need a new, high speed, mega space computer!

Hope you are well!


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