Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Santa was here!

Christmas is the best with little kids in the house, isn't it?!

The kids actually slept in (we're enjoying it while we can; all the times Matt and I woke our parents up at 4 a.m. will be back to haunt us soon!) so they came down the stairs together. They ran right to their gifts, knowing exactly what belonged to whom: a basketball set for Porter ("BAAALLLLLL!") and a blue bicycle for Betsy.

They didn't even want to open their other gifts; they just wanted to play with their new stuff! But, I found out Betsy really likes the wooden cars and puzzles that Santa brought to her baby brother.

I gave Matt new slippers, pants, and a new bag for work. Super original, I know. Matt came through as always - he's a really good gift giver, despite annual protests to the contrary - with chocolate, and some other stuff... like a Hobby Lobby giftcard, and a really cool shirt from H&M that's kind of like a corset, without the organ-squeezing and fainting.

We had the missionaries over for dessert on Christmas Eve - they were impressed with the sheer volume of cookies I've produced - but on Christmas Day it was just the fam; we wore pajamas all day and watched Cars and ate, ate, ate. Good times!

And by the way, the pictures are in B&W because I've already started editing them to scrapbook. (I'm a dork, I know.) I was thinking maybe American Crafts paper and ribbons on a black background; but I still haven't ruled out Chatterbox. Because the best thing about after Christmas - besides the sales - are scrapbooking all the awesome pictures of the kids having fun. Posted by Picasa

5 witty remarks on "Santa was here!"

Susan Opel on 1:30 PM said...

I got something from H&M, too! Not a corset, though. Sounds cute! Glad you guys had a great Christmas - I can't wait to see the layouts with the Chatterbox and American Crafts accents!

Happy Boxing Day!

themacmomma on 11:01 PM said...

You are truly a nut!
I just barely downloaded mine!
I love Christmas with kiddies, even those that are sick!
Glad you had a good Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Sooo, does Betsy ever wear her roses nightgown?

Joni on 8:26 PM said...

She's wearing it right now, actually, Ms. Anonymous. ;-)

Sue on 7:23 AM said...

looks like Santa was good to your family - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)


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