Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Happy birthday Betsy!

Yep, she's 4! She had a pink birthday cake with pink frosting and pink candies (that she helped me with) and opened presents. Good times! Posted by Picasa

5 witty remarks on "Happy birthday Betsy!"

Auntie Emmy said...


That picture is so cute!! I love it!

8kids4me said...

Did you ever convince her that the nightcown is really NOT mine?

Joni on 9:22 PM said...

Yeah... we did sewing on it, which made it smaller, so now I think she believes it's hers. Currently, she has it tied around her chest like an apron, and is serving me a picnic (pronounced "pickanick") of pretend food.

susan on 9:28 AM said...

Happy Birthday, little Betsy!

Pink is fun and your mommy is nice.

themacmomma on 3:47 PM said...

Happy Birthday to Betsy!!!
I hope she had a good one!


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