Saturday, December 16, 2006

A girl's gotta party...

Betsy celebrated her 4th birthday yesterday. Yes, we had her party on a Friday, because Saturdays in December are too completely insane, and because none of her friends are in school yet anyway. It was the first birthday party I've ever done, and theough everything was VERY low key, it seemed to go really well.

We started off decorating aprons: I'd gotten some little kid sized aprons for like $3 apiece at Hobby Lobby, and gave the kids some fabric markers to use. Then they all wore their aprons while decorating cookies (helpfully made from that break-and-bake dough; I don't bake from scratch for a bunch of 4-year-olds) with frosting and various candies. We fed them lunch, opened presents (Betsy's really excited about her new Barbies) and let them watch Charlie and Lola for a while. The kids all got to take their aprons and their cookies home: handy party favors that the parents probably won't hate me for. It was easy, required almost no planning, and really fun! Posted by Picasa

2 witty remarks on "A girl's gotta party..."

susan on 9:36 AM said...

You are quite the party planner! I hope Betsy likes her Barbies! That was always one of my favorite toys as a little girl!

themacmomma on 3:56 PM said...

Oh, aprons are a great idea! I'll keep that in mind for Q's 4th birthday party next month.

I did little pizzas for the kids at #3. Baking is fun for them, plus it takes up some time!


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