Monday, September 25, 2006

Just playing catch-up...

It's been a really busy (but fun) week. My cardstock class went really well. I only had 2 out of the 3 ladies actually show up, but I really had fun teaching them. Both of the ladies were beginner scrapbookers, so I was able to share a lot of my 6 years' experience with them. (6 years??!! Holy cow, has it been that long?) I did get to watch the NCIS premiere on tape, and all I can say is, yay for Tony being in charge, and boo, hiss! to Gibbs' new pirate look.

Matt's parents flew in on Wednesday night, and boy, are their arms tired! Har. Matt and Wally spent the weekend working on the patio for our new house, and I spent the weekend cooking. I've made Moroccan chicken stew, risotto, pecan pie with real whipped cream (none of that Cool Wip nonsense), black bean soup, zucchini soup, biscuits, a cake, and an endless stream of zucchini bread. They brought several arm-sized zucchini from their garden, so I've been making and freezing little mini-loaves to feed the kids for breakfasts. I think I have somewhere between 10 and 15 in there now.

Our neighbor kindly let Matt and Wally borrow his tamper and his tile saw to work on the patio. We gave him some zucchini bread as thanks.

On Saturday, Connie and I hit up Half Price Goodwill Day. I got some sweet stuff, including an awesome pair of suede boots for four bucks. I was pretty happy about that. Saturday night, we went to the Relief Society broadcast (because next week is General Conference - man, it always sneaks up on ya, doesn't it?!) I love hearing the Prohpet speak to us and tell us how great we women are. It's a fun contrast to Priesthood session, where it seems like the men always get chastised. I like to tease Matt about that one.

I taught the Relief Society lessonon Sunday - my first time teaching in the new ward. Have I mentioned how much I hate it when I ask questions and people don't respond? I'm sure that they are just too shy, but I always end up feeling kind of silly. It always makes me think, I should do a better job of responding when someone else is teaching. Even if I don't have any super profound insight, it does beat the sound of crickets chirping, don't ya think?!

7 witty remarks on "Just playing catch-up..."

fatty mcslowslow said...

I like your new post.
But, any particular
Reason it's up twice?

Keelhaulin' Brent Christiansen said...

I too have noticed,
The Prophet praises women,
Chides men. Not fair...yaaarrrr.

Keelhaulin' Brent Christiansen said...

I too have noticed,
The Prophet praises women,
Chides men. Not fair...yaaarrrr.

Joni on 6:44 PM said...

Is that up to your
Extremely lofty standards
now, F. McSlowSlow?!

fatty mcslowslow said...

Blogger did fake out
Keelhaulin' Brent Christiansen
With its slow response.

susan opel on 12:19 PM said...

A) I am officially hungry - black bean soup, zucchini bread, Mogolian chicken stew - I'm comin' over!

B) Four dollar boots? Yeah, baby!

C) Let the questions hang in the air until someone says something. Perhaps your questions are just so profound that they need to contemplate the magnitude of it!

j.d. hoosier said...

Socratic method...
No need to wait for raised hands
I am so boring


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