Sunday, September 3, 2006


Happy birthday Matt
Husband's thirty-two today
I let him sleep in.

Kids enjoyed the cake
Some genius gave them ice cream
Wasn't MY idea.

Presents were unwrapped
I gave him a preppy tie
and a white dress shirt.

Pants turned out okay
Matt thinks I think he's pudgy
They're a little loose.

Happy birthday, too,
to fabulous Luv2 girl
lovely BethieO. Posted by Picasa

5 witty remarks on "Celebrate"

susan opel on 9:23 AM said...

I enjoy haiku,
Especially ones from you.
Keep it up, Joni!

A birthday greeting
From Susan O. in Fort Wayne.
Preppy ties are cool!

Beth is in Indy
Helping a friend to pack up.
Wave as she goes by.

Triciam92 on 2:23 PM said...

Happy Birthday Matt!! Joni - don't think of his pants as a little big...just think he can have more cake and ice cream!!!! Eat up and enjoy (that goes for the young'ins too!!)

beth opel on 10:05 AM said...

Thanks, Joni Baloney!!!!

This was so special!!!

I waved at you as I drove past, headed for the south side of town.

themacmomma on 8:58 AM said...

Happy birthday Matt!

I totally have those dishes from IKEA!

I'm proud of your sewing efforts!

Joni on 12:12 PM said...

Heck yeah! I love those bowls and plates and everything. We need to make another trip to Chicago and get some more (and some other things too, I suppose). IKEA rocks!


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