Monday, June 18, 2007

R.I.P Daisy

This is, or rather was, Matt's Pontiac Sunfire named Daisy. Matt bought Daisy in 1998, when he was in college, before we even met. (And isn't he cute in this picture? He was working at the MTC then.) Anyway, Daisy had 130,000 miles and she needed a new transmission, which would have cost more than the car is worth. And we've been wanting something that gets better gas mileage, because although gas has finally dropped below $3/gallon, it's still painful, isn't it? I mean, I've bought gas for less than a dollar, and I am... not that old.

Anyway. So Matt took a day off from work and we went around to all the dealerships. We looked at everything from the Ford Focus to the Chevy Aveo to the Hyundai Accent (we considered one of those but the only one they had in stock was bright green... umm, no) but we settled on the Yaris because it gets ridiculous gas mileage. Like, 34 mpg city... the best you can get short of buying a hybrid. And since it's a Toyota, Betsy will probably drive this car when she's in high school.

It's kind of weird. We've never bought a brand new car before; we've actually had pretty good luck with low-mileage used. On the other hand, we also built a new house last year, so maybe we are becoming snobs? On the other hand, I bought a huge sack of clothes at Goodwill on Saturday, so maybe not.

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jdhoosier said...

Wow, still no witty remarks. Congrats again on the new ride. You'll never go back. We are a two-Civic family, aspiring to be a one-Subaru-and-one-Acura family. And as F. McSlowslow once put it to me, "Toyota is the New York Yankees of quality manufacturing."
Aaaaand... still waiting for that first Witty Remark.

mom said...

You turned down a bright green car? Can you say "Wicked"???????

susan opel on 10:37 PM said...

I love bright green, and I think that I could ROCK it!

So very exciting for you to have a new car - love that you went to Goodwill to feel a little bit better about it.

So how is SOY coming? I have 6.75 of the 12 new layouts complete!

How the heck are you?

fatty mcslowslow said...

I've spent way too much
Putting in new transaxles.
Enjoy your new car.

themacmomma on 1:44 PM said...

Funny, I'm going through the same thing.
Matt's Chevy Cavalier is dying so he will take the Honda and we are getting me a minivan. Ugh!
It has lasted such a long time and we've had it paid off for forever. It will be tough to make another car payment!
Regarding the 'snob' comment... no such luck, you are far from!


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