Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Grams to moles, moles to moles, moles to grams

It's one of those things that's permanently burned into my brain!

Our old babysitter Pick-toria (I think her name is actually spelled with a V but not according to my kids) came over last night for some chemistry help before her final exam. I always think that it's funny how even though A) I have a chemistry degree and B) I work part-time as a tutor, I can count on one hand the number of times I've actually done chemistry tutoring. Mostly what I do is math. I don't think I even took any math classes in college... but being a science major means you at least have to be good with algebra. And if I was better with higher math, I probably would have gotten above a C-plus in P-Chem.

Anyway. Victoria was having some trouble with chemistry, especially the mathy bits, and I've done some tutoring for her family in the past so her mom called me up. And it was really interesting, being able to explain things that I know in a way that another person can understand. (I think I scared her a little, though; I'm probably the only person who gets excited about stoichiometry.) I still have my well-preserved notes from the excellent GenChem course I took freshman year. There were some of things I didn't even have to think about to remember because I actually used them during my (so brief) professional career - molarity, dilution, titrations, that sort of thing. And that reminded of me of how much I liked working in a lab. I still keep going back and forth about what I'm going to do when the kids are in school - and I've got a while, Porter's only two - but I think that I really, really want to do chemistry again someday.

6 witty remarks on "Grams to moles, moles to moles, moles to grams"

themacmomma on 8:16 AM said...

Um, I have no idea what you are talking about! All those words are mush in my head! Not many people translate that information into actual usable substance, so please do something with it since you get it all... and love it!

Anonymous said...

Chemistry is good.
Chemical engineering
Is even better.

Joni on 9:02 AM said...

Yeahhh... but I can match my clothes. And cook. ;-)

Joni on 9:02 AM said...

Love your new photo Carolyn!

mom said...

Poor anonymous....keeps trying to get ONE of his children at least to be an engineer. Woe is he!

susan opel on 6:38 PM said...

I have to say that Carolyn is on to something! I've gotta go get some aspirin after reading that!


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