Monday, July 31, 2006

We are home!

It's been two days and already I am wondering how we lived anywhere else. This place is so incredibly, unbelievably perfect. The kids like their new rooms and LOVE having a playroom all to themselves - I love it too because there is only ONE room in the house they can destroy! I am in serious love with my new kitchen, which is so spacious that I had room to put all of my scrap supplies in one of the cabinets. Today I stood at the kitchen island and scrapped while the kids were having lunch. I did my circle journal for the month, worked on stuff for Emily's wedding, and finished pages from Morgan and Maggie's wedding last month.

We leave the day after tomorrow for Em's wedding... I have serious laundry to do between now and then! Posted by Picasa

4 witty remarks on "We are home!"

Eran of Arcadia said...

Congratulations on the new "crib" or "digs" or whatever the heck the kids are calling it these days . . . the second picture isn't showing up.

Joni on 2:53 PM said...

I only posted one picture, so that might be why.

Tina on 4:21 PM said...

What a totally cute picture Joni! So glad you're getting "settled" in!

susan on 9:56 PM said...

Is Betsey holding your popsicle for you? What a little sweetie! Welcome home!


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